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Free 30-Minute Consultation

When you come to my office, I offer a free, 30-minute confidential consultation. Together we’ll determine if it’s a good fit, and discuss general principles of your case. Call to speak with me directly at (801) 535-4385 to see how I can help you with your legal issue.

Why Experience Matters

In my 26+ years experience, judges and opposing attorneys in Utah are more persuaded by a lawyer who exhibits knowledge of the law, preparation, and respect. Expertise in divorce, child custody, or alimony modification is needed to protect your rights and quality of life.

Zealous Advocate

As a professional family law attorney in Salt Lake City, I am knowledgeable, collaborative and personable. I am a zealous advocate for my clients with a great deal of successful courtroom and mediation experience – expertise and integrity is key.

Your Best Legal Strategy in Utah

Some people believe the best Salt Lake City divorce attorneys act like a junkyard dog in court and with opposing counsel. However, in my experience, judges and opposing attorneys in Utah City are far more impressed and persuaded by divorce who exhibit knowledge of the law, preparation, and respect.

Persuasiveness involves a mixture of cogent legal reasoning and civility. In fact, if you hire a divorce attorney who acts like a junkyard dog, it is likely to:

(1) delay the resolution of your case;
(2) end up costing you a great deal of money unnecessarily; and,
(3) obtain a bad result.

Since an attorney who acts like a junkyard dog is likely to cause the opposing attorney to dig in his or her heels, and even end up ticking off the judge. When a case doesn't settle relatively quickly, your legal expenses go up dramatically.

It is good to be an aggressive divorce attorney, but you need to do it in the right way to be effective. Aggressiveness involves fully knowing how the law applies to the client's legal problem, and then being able to communicate the client's position in a well-reasoned argument to the opposing attorney, and if necessary, to the judge - both orally and in writing.

Being a good writer is especially important because a judge is often persuaded by a party's position from the party's court papers even before going to court. Being able to clearly see the alternative positions to a divorce question comes from decades of courtroom experience, knowledge of the law, and preparation.

A junkyard dog who goes off half-cocked frequently misses the subtleties of the opposing party's legal arguments (or misses them completely) simply because he or she is so zealous and unduly full of him or herself. As a party to a lawsuit, you need to know what your risks are in going forward in a divorce case from the beginning, before you invest in paying substantial amounts of money to any one particular attorney. For these reasons, out of court communication between counsel needs to be civil to be effective. I have found that respectful discussion of the issues is much more effective than me trying to intimidate, bully, or threaten opposing counsel into my way of thinking.

Because I have worked on a variety of Salt Lake City cases and throughout many of the Utah District Courts (which cases have involved many areas outside of divorce and child custody), I usually can present arguments which are well reasoned and broadly based. This is helpful if the opposing divorce attorney's perspective does not allow him or her to fully comprehend and address my written and oral arguments spontaneously in open court.

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Remembering Your Children is Important

It is also important to remember when children are involved, one of the primary goals in a divorce case should be to help the children get through it with as little emotional baggage as possible. A divorce case should not be about "winning."

Parents frequently are involved in a power struggle with each other, and want to prove each other "wrong" to feel justified by the relationship's breakup. However, children often times find themselves caught in between a battle of egos and hurt feelings, and frequently blame themselves for years for their parents' disputes.

Therefore, it is important for parents to place a higher value on what is in their children's best interests rather than what is in their own best interest. Indeed, what is in the best interest of the children is one of the primary legal standards which a court uses in making custody and parent-time determinations.

Children at times say things to try and make their parents feel better because they need to live with both parents and survive emotionally. It is difficult and often unfair to put a child in a position to "choose" where to live or how things should be arranged. To learn more about these and related topics, please click on the one you wish to review: divorce, child custody, alimony modification, and and parent-time. You can also learn a lot about working with me from this Reviews page.

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