Your Rights

visitation-rightsVisitation rights of a parent for a child is now known as “parent-time.” Generally, a parent who is not the custodial parent or primary caregiver is entitled to enjoy parent-time at a minimum every other weekend, one evening per week, and through a holiday schedule. Frequently, the parents work out a more generous parent time arrangement for the non-custodial parent.


It is not in the best interest of the child for a parent to withhold parent-time from the parent, unless there is some abuse or neglect on the part of the non-custodial parent. If the parties cannot agree on a parent time schedule, a court will issue an order for parent time through either a divorce or parentage suit. In determining parent-time the court will always consider the best interest of the child. Generally, the trend is to allow both parents equal access to the children. Some statutes which are helpful to review are: Utah Codes Sections 30-3-33, 34, 34.5, 35, 35.1, 35.5, 38, and 39.

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